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OpenAI announces Chat-GPT API 10X cheaper, can I uninstall Bing Chat?

Chat-GPT is now available as an API, you can integrate it into your system and create new businesses. Learn how to create an AI Chat using API

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In this article, we will explore the growing demand for natural language solutions in the market, highlighting OpenAI's technology. In addition, we will discuss how the company is strategically positioning itself in the market, offering a Large Language Model (LLM) as SaaS, and how this may affect the future of digital marketing.

Recently, Microsoft launched Bing Chat, its new turbocharged search engine. However, the company's happiness regarding its marketing strategy may have come to an end. OpenAI, an artificial intelligence technology company, is standing out in the market by offering solutions like Chat-GPT among others. There is a large catalog of artificial intelligence services you can use!

The company recently released gpt-3.5-turbo, a Large Language Model (LLM) as SaaS. This signals that Bing's announcement to integrate with Chat-GPT, although an important initiative, may now seem like mere moral support for an old inconvenience... "Why am I on Bing? Ah, I caught a virus again... ".

We tested the solution in a previous post and the results were impressive. The Chat-GPT API proved to be extremely efficient in creating cohesive and accurate responses (with much lower response times). But what does this mean for the technology and digital marketing market?

As Larry Page, Google co-founder, once said: "incrementalism leads to irrelevance". OpenAI is now offering a powerful feature that can transform the natural language solutions market. However, other companies are emerging and offering similar solutions, which may push prices and response times even lower.

Despite this, the connection of this technology to existing platforms is more than obvious for the next natural step. This API is perfect for becoming a technological lever for a new class of virtual assistants, selling and influencing and using the best of the language model to persuade and convince. Some people say that NLP now becomes a danger, with facilities like Chat-GPT.

As user interfaces are being rethought, it is possible that the future of apps may change direction, simplifying interaction with users. This can generate new businesses, in other words, we enable a technological "lock" that will change the way companies and users interact digitally.

In summary, OpenAI is leading the natural language solutions market and offering as a service features that can change the game for digital marketing and content creation. Stay tuned for the next updates and get ready for the new era of virtual assistants and natural language solutions.

Official announcement by OpenAI:
API ChatGPT Whisper
Docs API ChatGPT Whisp

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