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How to Choose the Best Maintenance Management Software?

Do you know how to choose a maintenance management software? Find out what to consider during the acquisition and the advantages of this system!

Effective maintenance management should optimize a company's time and financial resources, as well as predict preventive maintenance. For this, it must rely on a strategic maintenance plan, with goals, data-driven solutions, and maintenance management software.

This strategic management can be challenging due to the complexity of measuring data when it comes to maintenance activities, but it is possible with the help of technology.

Maintenance management software is an example of technology that can help with this challenge. So, to learn what maintenance management software is, the advantages of digitizing processes, and how to choose suitable software, continue reading.


What is maintenance management software?

Computerized maintenance management is a management tool also known by the acronym CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). It integrates data related to maintenance activities into a database and turns them into useful information for strategic management.

In other words, without needing stacks of paper, you can centralize all information on a single platform. From there, you can track the performance of the maintenance plan.

Among the demands executed by the software, we can highlight the following:

  • Produce and collect real-time data for more assertive decision-making;
  • Optimize the work routine, managing teams;
  • Manage assets based on a broad view;
  • Issue reports to control financial performance and create strategies to reduce costs.

The management system also contributes to the creation of preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance routines. Therefore, when choosing the best CMMS, consider some factors such as:

  • Time spent on activities that can be reduced;
  • Efficient management of technicians' schedules, parts, supplies, tools, and suppliers;
  • Optimization of all maintenance actions.

When responsible for market research and the acquisition of systems that will impact the company's production, there are also some caveats. Many believe that people's adaptation can be difficult, and others do not trust data security.

However, many startups offer complete solutions with clean interfaces and are very practical to manage. Like Squair, which uses IoT in monitoring and control systems for environments and assets.


What are the advantages of digitizing processes in maintenance management?

One of the main advantages of digitizing processes in maintenance management is not having to analyze stacks of papers. With everything centralized in one digital place, professionals can apply more effort to other activities.

Before moving on to the presentation of the advantages, it is essential to clarify that there is a difference between digital and digitized documents.

  • Digital: the file is already created electronically, and its authenticity is guaranteed by the digital certificate;
  • Digitized: it is the conversion of paper files to digital media, i.e: The original document is printed and only then becomes electronic.

But how to ensure that these digitized versions have the same validity as the physical document?

For this, in March 2020, Decree No. 10,278 emerged in Brazil for example, with the purpose of validating the digital file. This legislative resource establishes a series of guidelines that must be followed for the document's transformation.

When talking about automating maintenance processes, the time spent impacts productivity and task efficiency. Thus, by digitizing maintenance processes, the company will achieve benefits, such as:

  • Cost reduction;
  • Improvement of metrics and indicators;
  • Testing strategic actions;
  • Measuring results;
  • Faster communication.

Reduce costs

Reducing costs is, without a doubt, a significant benefit provided by the digitization of processes. Imagine the amount of paper needed to print performance reports for machines.

Or whenever there is a maintenance request, it is necessary to fill out physical forms for work orders. All the time spent on formalization issues can harm a company or industry's production line.

Thus, financial expenses increase, contrary to what happens when using maintenance management software. Moreover, by digitizing all processes, your managers will not need to invest in physical space to store and stack papers.


Better metrics and indicators

By relying on efficient management software, everyone will have a broad view of metrics and indicators. Consequently, it will be possible to identify the most profitable investments for the company. For example, when purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, factors such as the following will be analyzed:

  • The increase in productivity with the implementation of a new feature;
  • The status of ROI (Return on Investment);
  • Whether energy efficiency is being achieved or if there is any waste.


Test strategic actions

With so much information being collected through the maintenance management system, managers can make strategic decisions. Additionally, the issued reports will also allow for new plans to be devised and monitored in real time.


Measure results

When good management software is used, managers can track employee development and analyze the performance of equipment and maintenance plans.

The same goes for technicians responsible for repairs and machinery inspections; they can access the information they need in real time. Thus, by digitizing processes related to maintenance activities, it will also be possible to:

  • Determine if the equipment is producing efficiently;
  • Analyze the metrics and indicators set to improve team performance;
  • Check if work orders are being resolved quickly.


Agility in communication

Clear and agile communication can promote many improvements in any company or industry. And when associated with equipment maintenance, the impacts are even greater.

This is because the technician responsible for the service can execute it more swiftly if they have access to real-time information. All they need to do is access the management system and find the data related to the machinery that needs attention.

Therefore, when analyzing the best maintenance software, consider efficient communication for those who will use it. When professionals can obtain accurate and fast information, they can also develop a preventive maintenance plan.


How to choose the right software?

Choosing the best maintenance software is not an easy task for the professional assigned to do it. However, if some steps are followed, it is possible to find the one that best suits the company or industry's needs. Here are some tips:

  • Assess what is expected regarding maintenance management;
  • Consider systems that offer scalability, integration with other tools, real-time updates, and cloud availability;
  • Take into account the ease of using the software to ensure that all employees with access will not have difficulties;
  • Understand what structural changes will be needed during implementation. For example, monitoring and control systems typically use sensors on equipment. Some companies request modifications, while others have developed enough technology not to need structural changes;
  • Analyze the cost-benefit relationship, as the cheapest option may not always be considered a good long-term investment.

With this information, we want to reinforce the seriousness with which Squair works to offer intelligent solutions. Focusing on monitoring and controlling the company's consumption, the services cater to all segments.


Squair devices feature easy installation without renovations or structural changes. The platform helps address a pertinent issue for managers: the decentralization of information.

With speed and accuracy, Squair offers the following services:

  • Monitoring energy consumption, thermal comfort, technical rooms, and refrigerated environments;
  • Control of central air conditioning HVAC systems.

Get in touch and ensure that your company will have an intelligent system that also provides environmental responsibility. Access the website and find out how we can help you with our IoT solutions!

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