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4 Advantages of a data center automation service for your company

Do you know how to evaluate a good data center automation service? What are the advantages? And which one is best suited for your needs? Check it out!

Professionals who need to promote efficiency in all sectors of the company must know the advantages of data center automation service. This is because it is seen as a necessity in times of digital transformation and constant innovation of resources.

Bearing in mind that data centers are environments built to centralize the information of the company through technology. Thus, generating data and support for other activities performed by other areas.

Making this space automated can bring many benefits to the company and to the employees who perform the tasks. One of the main ones is the gain of time converted into increased productivity and optimization of financial resources.

Do you want to know more about the functioning and advantages of automation services? Continue reading this article, as we will help you choose the best process automation.

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How does data center automation service work?

First, it is important to remember what are the basic components that make up a data center, as the automation process influences these resources:

  • Servers;
  • Energy infrastructure;
  • Refrigeration;
  • Security solutions;
  • Access control.

The application of automation in data centers allows the workflow and processes are optimized with the aid of technology. Its function is to make activities such as management, monitoring and maintenance more agile than those performed manually.

Innovation and digital transformation are present daily and in all market segments. New IT assets appear constantly to facilitate the routine of professionals in relation to data processing and storage

According to the website Data Center Dynamics, 80% of companies in Latin America already recognize the need to create automation strategies. Three pillars considered fundamental are also pointed out:

  • Risk minimization;
  • Reduction of operating costs;
  • Revenue increase.

This demand only reinforces the importance of relying on technology for the growth of companies. The biggest impact of automating most processes is, of course, related to energy consumption.

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4 Advantages of automation

Now that you've realized how data center service automation works, you need to know the advantages of this investment. Thus, by automating processes, human interference in activities is reduced, triggering a series of advantages for the company.

  • Create and automate data center scheduling and monitoring tasks;
  • Have access to information about server nodes and their settings;
  • Gain time in routine processes;
  • Ensure compliance with standards and policies.

Check below why these topics are benefits offered by automation:

Create and automate data center scheduling and monitoring tasks

Making processes standardized is one of the biggest advantages of automating the data center, as it increases your efficiency. With well-structured systems and more transparent management resources, the professional will be able to:

  • Create scheduling tasks for the execution of operational tasks that follow a pattern, so they do not demand time from professionals who can focus on more complex activities;
  • Create monitoring tasks that allow you to track the performance of machines and services. Thus, when a failure arises, the repair will be more agile, not causing much impact on the company's productivity.

Have access to information about server nodes and their settings

The data center is where all systems, servers and other IT resources are centralized. Automation allows professionals to have real-time access to all information from all sectors.

In addition, some issues can be resolved by the tool itself using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Offering more control, visibility and efficiency, automation enables more assertive configurations to be made.

Save time on routine processes

The automation of IT services allows the time spent on the development of routine activities to be reduced. This is because professionals will be able to focus on more assertive tasks without worrying about operational issues.

Every day, thousands of data are collected by servers, can you imagine a person being able to analyze it quickly? As the volume of information grows, the need to automate repetitive tasks becomes more relevant.

Ensuring compliance with standards and policies

Control and security are indispensable factors in relation to the collection, analysis and storage of data. Therefore, automation helps keep information secure by following defined standards and policies with three points:

  • High information protection: data center security policies must be in line with LGPD guidelines;
  • high security encryption: data encoding serves to guarantee a recovery plan and prevent digital invasions;
  • Backup: backups are the oldest resource in terms of data protection, so the company must have a structured and efficient backup policy.

How to choose a data center automation service?

As you can see so far, automating the data center is a process that greatly benefits the company. Therefore, care must be taken when choosing the best service to automate, remembering that the facilities have:

  • Uninterrupted power;
  • Internet redundancy;
  • Adequate fire protection for data-critical equipment;
  • Physical and digital security of the site;
  • Space cooling.

Monitoring all these processes optimizes data center performance and reduces operating costs. In addition to being good for the company, automation also contributes to a more sustainable positioning of the brand.

It is in this context that Squair arrives to help you with operational intelligence, you manage the demands of cooling, space and energy. All this from information collected in real time by our IoT devices.

As monitoring of technical rooms, Squair becomes your ally in mitigating thermal and energy risks. See how we can make a difference in your company:

  • Simple deployment: centralize critical environments discreetly and with high precision;
  • Granular data: the information collected becomes even more assertive and efficient for decision making;
  • Come and learn more about SquairAlert and prescriptions: with our flow it is possible to monitor the performance of the data center and prevent unscheduled stoppages from jeopardizing production;
  • Carbon footprint: by making its critical environments sustainable, the company will be assuming a commitment to ESG policies.

We are a serious company that believes in environmental responsibility and creates smart solutions for organizations. It is because of our positioning that in 2022 we became part of Global Compact Brazil Network, who cares about corporate sustainability.

Learn more about Squair and how we can help with data center automation service!

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